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  Jenny's Garden

Arisaema speciosum 'Himalayan Giant'
(Cobra Lily)

Origin:  Native of India
Family:  Araceae
Light:  Part-full shade
Height:  2-3'
Width:  3-4'
Blooms:  ornamental, stunning, downward-pointing hood, deep maroon spathe with white stripes, late Spring
Foliage:  Herbaceous
Soil:  Well-drained, rich, acidic, neutral, moist
Water:  Moderate
Uses:  Ornamental, woodland setting, container, mass plant, Summer interest, Fall interest
Propagation:  Rhizome/offset divisions
Caution:  Seeds toxic, can cause finger numbness - wear gloves when handling

Comments:  Arisaema speciosum 'Himalayan Giant' or Cobra Lily is a perennial tuberous plant with a fast growth habit.  It is a native of India.  In late Spring, Arisaema spciosum 'Himalayan Giant' produces ornate cobra-like flowers of deep maroon spathe with downward-pointing, white-striped hood are borne on short stalks with interesting cobra markings.  The top of stem carries a deep green herbaceous tri-foliate.  Cobra Lily 'Himalayan Giant' is easily propagated from rhizome or offset divisions.  The oftsets are easily snapped off and planted individually.  Plant the cylindrical-shaped tubers horizontally.  Arisaema speciosum 'Himalayan Giant' thrives best in well-drained, rich, moderately moist, acidic or neutral soil in a partly to fully shaded environment.  Mass plant in a woodland garden for a terrific display. Cobra Lily 'Himalayan Giant' can also be container cultivated in colder areas and brought indoors for the Winter.  It is an excellent plant for the shade garden. 
It dies back to the ground in Winter and reemerges in late Winter with new growth. 
Arisaema speciosum provides Summer and Fall interests.  It is really eye-catching and makes a terrific conversational piece. In its native habitat, Cobra Lily 'Himalayan Giant' is commonly found growing in shrublands and wooded forests.  These plants are abundant and the locals have been using the foliage for feeding pigs.   

USDA Zones:  5-9 images and growing descriptions of  Arisaema speciosum 'Himalayan Giant'  (Cobra Lily) growing in Jenny's Garden

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